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Information about Kirby Normand

Kirby George Normand was born on the 19th of August 1997 at 9:44PM.

Birth        9lb. 4oz. and 21 in. long.
2 months 14.5 lbs.
6 months 21lbs. 10ozs.
9 months 25lbs.
1 year     25lbs. 2ozs.
2 year     30lbs.
3 year
4 year
5 year

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Kirby George's Pictures

Kirby Picture One Kirby Picture Two
Kirby Picture Three Kirby Picture Four
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Contact Information

Kirby George's Index Web Site.

Ancestors of Kirby George Normand

My father's electronic mail address
: snormand@normand.org

His world wide web address: http://www.normand.org/
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