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1997 teddy 1998 teddy 1999 signature bear ally

1997 Teddy

1998 Teddy

1999 Signature Bear

Ally the alligator

ants baldy batty batty

Ants the anteater

Baldy the eagle

Batty the bat

Batty the bat

beak bernie blackie blizzard

Beak the Kiwi

Bernie the St Bernard

Blackie the bear

Blizzard the tiger

bones bongo bruno bucky

Bones the dog

Bongo the monkey

Bruno the terrier

Bucky the beaver

butch canyon chip chocolate

Butch the Bull Terrier

Canyon the Cougar

Chip the calico cat

Chocolate the moose

claude congo crunch cubbie

Claude the crab

Congo the gorilla

Crunch the shark

Cubbie the bear


Curly the bear


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