A Day In MA5

By: Leah Salditch


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   "RRRING!" The bell just rang and the students come into the classroom and get their D.0.L. (Daily Oral Language). Then the morning announcements start and when they're over we check the D.0.L and hand it into Mrs. Normand so that she can grade it.  Next we go to reading for two hours. When reading is finished we go back to our room and start spelling.


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   "Off  to lunch we go!" After spelling we go to lunch.   MMMMmmmmmm! After lunch we have the other half of spelling for about ten minutes.   Math comes next for an hour and when that’s done we go to special classes (art, P.E., computer or music.) for 45 minutes.

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     "Let's work on our body, kids!"  It’s Theme time and we get out our projects and draw the digestive system on our paper bodies.  When Theme is over we have journal and write five things that we are grateful for today at school and a few short sentences.

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     That’s a day in MA5! Come back soon!  This has been Leah reporting from MA5.  See ya!

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