Bodies in the Making

By: Leah Salditch and Elizabeth Haden

Our class made paper bodies to show what we learned from our studies. Mrs. Normand picked seven of the best in our class and asked my friend, Elizabeth and me to interview those people.

First Elizabeth interviewed me.

Elizabeth: Did you like making your body?

Leah: I did like making my body because it was fun and it helped me learn about the body at the same time.

E: Was is hard and how long did it take you?

L: It was kind of hard and it took me three weeks and four days.

Next we went to Arnulfo Aguirre. He is a fourth grader in MA5.

E & L: Did you like making your body?

Arnulfo: Yes, because it was a fun project.

E & L: What was one fact you learned?

A: I learned that it takes four hours to properly digest food.

Elizabeth and I went to talk to Matt Anderson next. We asked him a few questions.

E & L: Why did you like making your body?

Matt: I learned a lot of things while making it.

E & L: What is one fact you learned about the body from this?

M: I learned there are a lot more body systems than I thought there were.

Mrs. Normand: Matt brought a great book about the human body to share. It was incredibly gross and fascinating at the same time. Thank you, Matt.

Next we interviewed Aubrey Harris.

E & L: Why did you like making your body?

Aubrey: It was a lot of fun writing and drawing the body. I learned there were lots of parts in the Muscular System.

It’s time for Aida Ramadonovic now.

Aida: Yes, I liked making my body. It was hard at first but then it got easier towards the end. I learned all of the body systems. For instance, there is the Respiratory System, the Muscular System, the Digestive System, the Skeletal System, the Nervous System and the Circulatory System.

Off we go to good old Michael Crow and we interviewed him.

Michael: I liked making my body systems. I learned two body systems that I didn’t know before. They are the Muscular System and the Nervous System.

Next, we talked to Tommy Harelson

Tommy: I learned there are more body systems than I thought. I liked making my body because I liked doing the coloring and drawing.

Well, that just about wraps it up! So long and come back soon to see a new series about a dog called, "The Adventures of Bagel".

Bodies Bodies Bodies
Bodies Bodies Bodies